Minakhee Writings

A Momentary Glimpse Into Grace

In the medley of our lives, we often find ourselves entangled in the notes of our own worries, consumed by the relentless demands of our everyday existence. We move through the world with blinkers on, our vision myopic, our concerns encapsulated within the boundaries of our immediate struggles. Yet, amidst the chaos, there exists a profound beauty—a fleeting moment of grace that has the power to alter our perspective and stir the depths of our humanity.

It’s intriguing how, as humans, we can be both strikingly different and remarkably similar. Our typical moments are often marked by the weight of our personal challenges, the burdens of our circumstances. But every now and then, we are granted a reprieve—a moment when we transcend the confines of our own struggles and connect with the world around us. These are the moments that make us pause, reflect, and, in some way, become more deeply human.

I recently found myself in the embrace of one such atypical moment during a journey back from a vacation in Delhi. As I sat in a cab, brooding over the various concerns that had soured our holiday, a bone-chilling cold and a gloomy morning seemed to magnify the troubles on my mind. In that very moment, my husband’s optimism felt like an attempt to escape the harsh reality, and I found myself sinking further into a murky mood.

However, it was a seemingly ordinary sight that jolted me out of my self-centered reverie. A teenaged boy, clad in a thin, tattered sweater, dismounted his bicycle. Laden with a load of newspapers, he had a deadline to meet—an obligation to deliver news to the doorsteps of a 13-storied apartment. His resilience in the face of the nerve-racking cold struck a chord within me.

Suddenly, my own concerns paled in comparison. The trivial issues that had preoccupied my thoughts seemed insignificant as I wondered about the boy’s life. Does he go to school? Does he have parents waiting for him at home? Does he get enough to eat? In that moment, the stark contrast between his reality and my petty grievances became glaringly apparent.

It wasn’t the first time I had encountered the world of those less fortunate, but this time was different. The weight of self-reproach settled in as I realized the magnitude of attaching too much significance to my own troubles. The echo of that moment lingered, a poignant reminder that grace exists in the most unexpected places, urging us to transcend our concerns and embrace the shared vulnerability of our humanity.


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