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Shades of Existence: A Book of Love, Poetry, Giving Back and Human Connection

I believe that every individual has at least one book in themselves. But, I feel that there are many books waiting to be born from me. Finally, my dream took shape, the physical book launch of my poetry collection, “Shades of Existence“. Sunday of February 18th, 2024, at Arya Palace in Bhubaneswar was an enchanting evening that will forever remain etched in my mind.

What’s more is that I could realize another dream- of doing my bit of giving back to society. As the event concluded, I found immense joy in sharing that the proceeds from the book would contribute to the Open Learning School—a sanctuary for orphaned kids with autism. It’s just the beginning, a humble first step, with ‘miles to go before I sleep.’

About the book:

My debutant book is  a collection of 30 heartwarming poems, each a reflection of my encounters and experiences borrowed from my life. The book is available at as hard copy as well soft copy version at-

📚 Amazon.in- Shades of Existence

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💻  Kindle/ Kindle Unlimited- Shades of Existence

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📚 Notion Publishing – Shades of Existence

Behind the scenes, the life of an author is filled with struggles, but celebrating even the smallest moments becomes essential. I’m thrilled to share that “Shades of Existence” has been receiving great reviews and has trended as the hot new releases on Amazon- the picture was shared by a friend.

Gratitude fills my heart for the overwhelming support, yet I know this is just the beginning of the journey. The book may have garnered praise, but there’s still work to be done. I’m ready to run those miles, and I welcome any company on this literary adventure. If you happen to stumble upon “Shades of Existence,” do share some love. ❤️


The book has a few surprises packed in it. For starters the cover art design as well as the various artworks reflecting the emotions encapsulated within the poems have been created by me. It gave me immense pleasure to be involved in all aspects of the book.

 I had the pleasure of having a few mascots accompany me on this debutant journey. Their best wishes, presented in the form of quotes sprinkled in the book at the end of each poem, added a unique touch to the collection. I am fortunate to get some amazing reviews as foreword for my book from esteemed poet Haraprasad Das and social activist and poet Sruti Mahapatra. 

About the book launch

When I returned home from the whirlwind trip to Bhubaneswar, where my roots and heart lie, I carried indelible everlasting memories with me. The love and unconditional support from friends, family, and everyone who graced the event was heartwarming, proving that no one person stands alone—we are not islands. It took a village, my village, to make this dream a reality, and I feel truly blessed for the shower of support and blessings.

Special thanks to friends who attended, some of whom I hadn’t met or spoken to in ages. A single message brought them together, highlighting the power of shared experiences and enduring connections. Everyone’s presence, kind words, and pearls of wisdom added warmth and depth to the event.

How was “Shades of Existence” born?

The book is a cumulative expression of all the experiences and encounters that have woven themselves into the fabric of my life. Some are personal, some shared, but each experience has birthed emotions that overflowed as different poems. One such impactful experience was my visit to the Open Learning School—an orphanage and school for autistic kids.

Initially, I viewed the visit with a sense of sympathy, thinking about the challenges these children faced. However, interacting with them was a revelation. Despite their adversities, these children embraced life with zeal, finding joy in the simplest of things. This experience became the genesis of a poem in the book titled “Cradle of Happiness.” It reminded me to be thankful for life and its blessings, a lesson often forgotten amidst our petty worries.

Another poignant piece, “The Courageous Grey World,” draws inspiration from the elderly people in my life, especially my grandparents. Stepping into their world requires immense courage—retiring from the life of a provider and becoming dependent. Their unique world, where the brain sometimes betrays them, demands our empathy, patience, and a dignified acknowledgment of their contributions to society.

Having learned so much from the society I live in, experiencing life without being trampled by it, I felt a deep need to give back. Hence, the decision to donate the proceeds from the book sale during the launch event to the Open Learning School for orphaned autistic kids.

As the echoes of the book launch settle, “Shades of Existence” stands not just as a collection of poems but as a testament to the interconnectedness of lives, the ripple effect of kindness, and the enduring power of words to inspire positive change. The journey has just begun, with many miles to go, and I’m savoring each turn along the way. Thank you all for being a part of this heartwarming story.

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