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Adya the unparralled

Two years ago we were all set to transit from Dubai to India. One of my very close friends had requested a painting as a keepsake.  Knowing my friend’s love for Jagadamba (Goddess of the world), I was familiar with the direction I needed to go.  However, I  wanted it to be different from the traditional depiction of the Goddess. So with the blessing of the Goddess Durga, I started to paint Adya.

Ma (Mother) Durga ( A Hindu female Goddess) represents inimitable power and beauty. With relocation activities and work happening behind the canvas I could complete Adya in about a week’s time. Using watercolour as a medium to paint Adya presented several challenges. Watercolour dries fast and hence while painting layers one has to wait out to let the previous layer dry, or else the colours bleed into one another. At times colours need to be blended or a blurring effect is required. In such cases, it is essential to work fast as once the colour dries out the same effect cannot be achieved.

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I named her Adya despite the mix of coy and shy looks on her countenance. A woman is multifaceted and assumes several roles throughout her life. A woman has many moods and her personality evolves, grows and changes with time and circumstance. The outer demeanour often belies the internal dynamics. Often the inner strength of women remains hidden until the occasion demands it. Women are often considered physically weak, meek and mild. The evil Mahisasura was enamoured by the beauty of Ma Durga. He was confident of overpowering a frail woman. His assumption cost him his life as the Goddess assumed her Rudra Rupa ( Mighty Form) and slayed him.


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